Founding story

  • Once upon a time

    Once upon a time, in medieval ages, Sint-Joris-ten-Distel, a village close to Bruges, got known as a pilgrimage destination to fight skin diseases.

  • Without taking a point of view on the origin of the naming of the village (distel = thistle), it definitely triggered the 2 founders of DHIST’L - originating from this area and highly skilled in the science of plant polyphenols - to examine the value of thistle in cosmetics.

  • Backed up by significant scientifically proven data on the effective role associated with detoxifying, anti-ageing and soothing benefits for the skin, thistle was allocated a key role in the quest for highly performing men’s skin care formulations.

We believe taking care for health & skin is taking care for your full potential. We believe men need to dare to care.

Product Design Philosophy

  • Effective

    Fostering high performance, scientifically proven effective ingredients are the starting point of every single product development of DHIST'L.

  • Naturality

    With natural origin indexes of over 99% for our products, we hero the power of nature. Needless to say all DHIST'L products are vegan and cruelty free.

  • Safety

    As part of high performance, DHIST'L cares about safety.

    All DHIST'L products are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.


Sustainability is a comprehensive topic. Moreover, there is no one solution fits all. Also for our packaging philosophy we are guided by science and truth, not trends. We collaborate with experts and stakeholders to help us making the most sustainable choices. In this journey, we worked closely together with Fost Plus, the driving force behind the recycling of household packaging in Belgium, ensuring our packaging is not only recyclable in theory, but also gets effectively recycled.

  • Airless dispensers, recyclable and from recycled material

    Made of over 1/3 recycled material, our airless packaging are 100% recyclable. For every packaging, we fund the removal of plastic bags from rivers and oceans.

  • Carton packaging and other materials

    We opt for FSC for all of our packaging and other created materials where available. Our Point-of-Sales communication is made from waste material and is bleached chlorine-free.

Finally – we are not perfect. We are on a journey. We want to make the best choices, lead
by example and inspire all to use their potential to contribute to a more sustainable world.