High effectiveness

In terms of effectiveness, we go for results. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its scientifically proven results for the skin. High-quality ingredients allow us to develop products that deliver real results for your skin. We are guided by science and truth, not trends


Powerful polyphenolic antioxidant from milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum)

Our use of thistle extract originates from several studies showing the strong skin care benefits of the powerful antioxidant silybin.

Proven soothing, detoxifying, anti-ageing and mattifying benefits - that's why it's the perfect match for men's skin care.

  • Grape Flower Extract

    Multifunctional polyphenolic extract from Vitis Vinifera.

    Known for skin restructuring, calming and moisturizing effects, beneficial for the rather dry skin. Richly present in dhist'l Face Cream

  • Willowherb Extract

    Multifunctional organic prebiotic bioactive from Swiss Alpine Plant, Epilobium fleischeri. Works sebum reducing, therefore mattifying, and related with detoxifying and soothing benefits.

  • Sequoia Leaf Extract

    Antioxidant plant cell extract from Sequoia sempervirens. Proven anti-ageing and firming effects on men's skin. Known for soothing and moisturizing benefits as well. Richly present in DHIST'L Serum

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  • Natural ceramides

    Ceramide complex derived from organic olive oil. Highly moisturizing and skin barrier strengthening. Generously present in DHIST'L face cream

  • Natural ectoin

    Amino acid derivate

    Known for skin repair and protection, anti-ageing and moisturizing benefits

    Richly present in DHIST'L face fluid

  • Peptides

    Short chains of amino acids. Delivers on anti-ageing and firming benefits. Richly present in DHIST'L serum

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  • Sodium Hyaluronate

    salt of hyaluronic acid, which is more readily absorbed than
    hyaluronic acid, skin-replenishing, antioxidant, hydrating, anti-ageing, can help nourishing and maintaining skin's microbiome

  • Lecithin

    replenishing ingredient used as emollient and emulsifying agent, improving moisture retention of the skin

  • Trehalose

    water-binding plant sugar, hydrating the skin

  • Acasia senegal Gum

    thickening and stabilizing polymer

  • Xanthan Gum

    thickening and stabilizing polymer

  • Citric Acid

    pH adjuster, pH stabilizer, derived from citrus fruits

  • Glycerin

    naturally occurring substance in skin, hydrating and skin restoring