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distilled for men

Gone are the days when only women cared about their personal care! The hip man dares – literally and figuratively – to look in the mirror – and go for better😉.

But if you look for the right support that respects and equals your ego, it becomes a challenge.

Face it - majority of male skin care propositions are just another extension of female or family dominated skin care brands. A male touch here, another one there, falling into tons of clichés.

We believe men need to dare to care to unlock their full potential.

Therefore we commit to making men care more spot on.

DHIST’L is a dedicated male brand – created for and by males, who know what men (skin care) needs, as much as how men feel (about skin (care)). For men only. Enjoy the ride


About men's skin

Is male skin really different from the female version? Naturally.

-Men produce more sebum (sebum), which has everything to do with our liters of testosterone that we produce every day. As a result, the skin is generally a bit oily.

- Pores are bigger


This does not mean that general products on the market cannot provide relief. But if you pride yourself on effectiveness and performance, it is better to choose a product adapted to your skin type. At DHIST'L we consciously select actives that also, or in particular, have a proven effect on men's skin. 


Man oh man!

You may still be a handy harry, dosing tubes and defying pots may not be for you. DHIST'L prides itself on airless dispensers – not only convenient, but also safe, durable and fully recyclable. Read more! (link to packaging)


Be the men 

We are happy to help you be the man. Take your guts and go for it. Dare to challenge for a better sustainable future. It doesn't matter whether it concerns family or business. Need inspiration? Follow us (link to IG)









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