We partner up with those sharing the same values as us, when it comes to commitment, performance and sustainability.

scientifically proven effective ingredients

Originated from the discovery of the strong skin care benefits of thistle (link)

DHIST’L stands for an ode to the thistle,

a strong complimentary mix of high performing botanicals (uitklapbaar)

reinforced by high performing natural endogenous substances



High effectiveness

In terms of effectiveness, we go for results. We only work with effective ingredients, in the right concentrations & with stable pH values. (Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its scientifically proven results for the skin.) High-quality ingredients allow us to develop products that deliver real results for your skin.

We are guided by science and truth, not trends.



Our products are always supported and verified by scientific research and dermatologically tested.


Vegan, natural and more



We use a maximum of natural and where possible certified organic ingredients in our formulas.

For example, we achieve indices that vary from 95% to above 99% in terms of natural origin.



All our products are vegan


No nasties

We do not use ingredients such as parabens, silicone, phenoxyethanol, silicone, lauryl sulfate, artificial coloring, petrochemical additives or micro-particles.



None of the products are tested on animals.


Clean Label

Clean label is part of our product philosophy. We start (only) from scientifically proven actives, and each ingredient has its role in efficacy and galenics. No more, nothing less.


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