We partner up with those sharing the same values as us, when it comes to commitment, performance and sustainability.


DHIST’L only makes sense if it can contribute to you, and your potential, without harming nature. Instead, DHIST’L is persistent in its mission to contribute positively towards a better future if it comes to planet sustainability.

Enabling us to make the right choices, we are driven by the Sustainability Development Goals as defined it the Paris Agreement, defining clear sustainability goals to be reached by 2021. In particular, we feel strong in contributing to the following SDGs:


Facilitating our choices enabling to contribute to the SDGs, we make use of the BIA assessment tool of BCorp. BCorp, or B Corporations are companies across the world who are driving business as a force for good. We look forward being part of the movement by making conscious and concrete choices in the entrepreneurial journey we started.

More about bcorp: link

Smart Sustainability

Sustainability is a comprehensive topic. Far more there is often not one solution fits all. Similar to our packaging  philosophy,  We are guided by science and truth, not trends.

We collaborate with experts and stakeholders to help us making the most sustainable choices. In this journey, we worked closely with Fost+, the Belgian …, ensuring our packaging is not only recyclable by theory, but also gets effectively recycled.

< Pic Joeri Deswarte>

< Quote: The connects we had were multiple. Going deep in the technical details and granularity to assess all selected options and define the best solution. Happy with customers such as X taking this granular and serious’

More about our packaging (link)

Finally – we are not perfect. We are on a journey. We want to make the best choices, lead by example and inspire all to use their potential to contribute to better world.

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